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1732 S. Inland Empire Way
Spokane, WA 99224

About Us

greenhouseWelcome to Blue Moon! We are a full service nursery and garden center just southwest of downtown Spokane. True to our motto: “Nice plants, nice people“, we proudly offer a wide selection of healthy annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs and native plants at a reasonable price.

greenhouseMuch of what we offer is grown right here at Blue Moon Nursery. We choose what to grow according to what our Interior northwest climate prescribes. Working with your natural environment makes gardening so much more enjoyable than trying to re-create a landscape that looks and works great in say, Seattle or San Francisco, but is pretty much destined for failure here in Spokane. The phrase ‘right plant, right place’ is perhaps overused but like a lot of cliches, was born for good reason. Choosing from a plant palette that works in the varied micro-climates around Spokane doesn’t mean you can´t have a beautiful, interesting landscape. You simply won´t need to use a ton of resources to make your plants happy.

We want you to be successful with our plants and beginning with hardy, healthy stock goes a long way toward that goal.

We are friendly, knowledgeable, conscientious people, who think you´ll find Blue Moon to be a pleasant change from plant shopping at places where plants (and often customer service) are not the main consideration. We are enthusiastic in our goal of wanting you to be successful in your garden endeavors and have a good time doing it. So come on in, sit by the pond, listen to the trains, browse to your heart´s content, and let us help you pick the right plants for the right places. We love dogs, so feel free to bring yours along when you come to see us.

About Our Place


exterior2Built in the 1920s, long before Inland Empire Way, US 195, or even Interstate 90 existed, Nissen Greenhouses opened as a supplier of bedding plants and vegetable starts. These plants were grown in the rich bottomland soil for which Hangman Valley was known. In the 30s, Adolph Nissen sold to Henry Wallace, who continued, under the name of Wallace Greenhouses, to grow bedding plants as well as produce for the local supply house.

Decades later, having sold their greenhouse operation down the street, Cecil and Kay Jared bought the place from Henry´s widow and renamed it Hangman Valley Gardens. Various family members have held the reigns since the mid 1990´s. In 2007, they handed them over to longtime employee Terese Palaia, and Blue Moon Garden & Nursery, LLC was born.

Over the years the glass-covered, steam-heated greenhouses have been replaced by poly-covered, gas-heated structures; field soil has been replaced by soilless media; and metal cans have been replaced by plastic, soon to be biodegradable pots; but this little nursery still retains the charm and sensibility of its tradition. Come on in for a visit and we´ll show you what we mean!


Nice People

We’re a locally-owned, organically inclined nursery and we support our community whenever possible!

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