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Nothing shouts ‘hey, look how lively I am’ like a bed, basket or pot full of
flowers. Sure, you need to plant them every year but annuals will bloom, bloom, bloom all through the growing season. We carry hundreds of varieties for any exposure although the majority of our annuals are suited for Spokane’s hot, dry summers. You won’t find this kind of selection at your home improvement store!

Botanical name Common name
Argyranthemum Frutescens Butterfly Marguerite daisy
Argyranthemum Frutescens Gypsy Rose Marguerite daisy
Aubrieta Madly Magenta Rock cress
Bracteantha Sundaze Fiery Orange Strawflower
Calamagrostis Acutiflora Avalanche Feather reed grass (perennial)
Calibrachoa Million Bells Cherry Pink Million bells
Calibrachoa Million Bells Crackling Fire Million bells
Calibrachoa Million Bells Trailing Blue Million bells
Calibrachoa Superbells Apricot Punch Super bells
Calibrachoa Superbells Blackberry Punch Super bells
Calibrachoa Superbells Dreamsicle Super bells
Calibrachoa Superbells Saffron Super bells
Calylophus Southern Belle Sundrops
Canna Intrigue Canna
Carex Flagellifera Toffee Twist Sedge
Carex Hachijoensis Evergold Sedge
Chrysocephalum Flambe Yellow Strawflower
Chrysocephalum Moxie Gold Strawflower
Cleome Spirit Merlot Spider flower
Coleus Colorblaze Kingswood Torch Coleus
Coleus Colorblaze Life Lime Coleus
Coleus Fishnet Stockings Coleus
Coleus Lancelot Velvet Mocha Coleus
Coleus Swallow Tail Coleus
Coleus Tiny Toes Coleus
Cordyline Australis Red Sensation False Dracaena
Cuphea Blepharophylla Totally Tempted Cuphea
Cuphea Llavea Flamenco Cha Cha Cuphea
Cuphea Llavea Flamenco Samba Cuphea
Cuphea Tiny Mice Cuphea
Cuphea Varia Caribbean Sunset Mexican heather
Dahlia Eye Candy Dahlia
Dahlia Mystic Dreamer Dahlia
Dahlia Mystic Illusion Dahlia
Deschampsia Caespitosa Northern Lights Tufted hair grass (perennial)
Dianthus Cinnamon Red Hots Carnation
Eryngium Horridum Pineapple Sea Holly
Euphorbia Diamond Frost Euphorbia
Euphorbia Faded Jeans Euphorbia
Euphorbia Tirucalli Rosea Firesticks
Felicia Cape Town Blue Felicia daisy
Helichrysum Icicles Licorice plant
Heliotrope Nagano Heliotrope
Heuchera Dolce Blackcurrant Coral bells (perennial)
Heuchera Dolce Key Lime Pie Coral bells (perennial)
Heuchera Dolce Mocha Mint Coral bells (perennial)
Heuchera Dolce Peach Melba Coral bells (perennial)
Hibiscus Acetosella Maple Sugar Hibiscus
Impatiens New Guinea Infinity Blushing Crimson New Guinea Impatiens
Impatiens New Guinea Infinity Light Purple New Guinea Impatiens
Impatiens Wallerana Rockapulco Purple Double Impatiens
Impatiens Wallerana Rockapulco White Double Impatiens
Ipomoea Batatas Illusion Emerald Lace Sweet potato vine
Lantana Luscious Citrus Blend Lantana
Lantana Luscious Grape Lantana
Lantana Tropical Temptation Mimosa Lantana
Laurentia Deja Blue Star flower
Lobelia Laguna Sky Blue Lobelia
Lobelia Laguna White Lobelia
Lobelia Lucia Dark Blue Lobelia
Mandevilla Vogue Audrey Mandevilla
Muehlenbeckia Creeping Wire Vine Wire vine
Nierembergia Augusta Blue Skies Cupflower
Oenothera Lemon Drop Primrose
Osteospermum Lemon Symphony African daisy
Osteospermum Orange Symphony African daisy
Osteospermum Sunny Cambria African daisy
Osteospermum Sunny Dark Florence African daisy
Osteospermum Sunny Felix African daisy
Osteospermum Sunny Shiela African daisy
Osteospermum Vanilla Symphony African daisy
Ozothamnus Diosmifolius White Riceflower
Pennisetum Prince Fountain grass
Pennisetum Setaceum Fireworks Fountain grass
Pennisetum Setaceum Rubrum Fountain grass
Petunia Pretty Much Picasso Petunia
Petunia Supertunia Citrus Petunia
Petunia Supertunia Mini Purple Petunia
Petunia Supertunia Mini Silver Petunia
Petunia Supertunia Raspberry Blast Petunia
Petunia Supertunia Royal Magenta Petunia
Petunia Supertunia Royal Velvet Petunia
Petunia Supertunia Sangria Charm Petunia
Petunia Supertunia White Petunia
Petunia Surfinia Magenta Petunia
Petunia Surfinia Red Petunia
Petunia Surfinia Sky Blue Petunia
Ptilotus Platinum Wallaby Mulla Mulla
Sagina Irish Moss Irish moss
Sagina Scotch Moss Scotch moss
Salvia Elegans Golden Delicious Golden pineapple sage
Sanvitalia Speciosa Sunbini Creeping zinnia
Scabiosa Atropurpurea Black Pincushion flower
Scoparia Mellongolly Yellow Scoparia
Semervivum Assorted Mix Hens and chicks
Stipa Tennuissima Mexican feather grass
Sutera (Bacopa) Gold ‘N Pearls Bacopa
Sutera (Bacopa) Snowstorm Giant Snowflake Bacopa
Tropaeolum (Nasturtium) Red Wonder Nasturtium
Verbena Lanai Blush White Verbena
Verbena Lanai Red Verbena
Verbena Superbena Burgundy Verbena
Verbena Superbena Coral Red Verbena
Verbena Superbena Dark Blue Verbena
Verbena Temari Patio Red Verbena
Verbena Temari Patio Rose Verbena

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