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If you are going to eat it, why not grow it yourself! Nothing tastes better than home-grown food. We have a ton of edibles. Some, like olive and citrus that need to be moved in for winter but are great on the summer patio, and many others like quince and blackberry that you barely have to care for at all to get a crop.

Botanical name Common name
Actinidia arguta ‘Geneva’ Female Hardy Kiwi
Actinidia arguta ‘Ken’s Red’ Ken’s Red Hardy Kiwi
Aronia melanocarpa ‘Viking’ Viking Aronia
Asimina triloba ‘Allegheny’ Allegheny Paw Paw
Asimina triloba ‘Shenandoah’ Shenandoah Paw Paw
Aspapragus officinalus ‘Sweet Purple’ Sweet Purple Asparagus
Catanae sativa ‘Marrisard’ Bouche de Betizac Chestnut
Catanae sativa ‘Marrisard’ Marrisard Chestnut
Cornus mas ‘Pioneer’ Pioneer Cornelian Cherry
Cornus mas ‘Red Star’ Red Star Cornelian Cherry
Corylus avallana ‘Theta’ Theta Filbert
Corylus avallana ‘Yamhill’ Yamhill Filbert
Corylus avallana ‘York’ York Filbert
Corylus avellana ‘Eta’ Eta Filbert
Corylus avellana ‘Jefferson’ Jefferson Filbert
Crataegus azarolus ‘Angelo Rosso’ Angelo Rosso Azarole
Crataegus opaca x pinnatifida Mayhaw
Cydonia oblonga ‘Aromataya’ Aromataya Russian Quince
Cydonia oblonga “Van Deman’ Van Deman Quince
Dioscorea batatas’Dr Yao’ Dr Yao Climbing Yam
Diospyrus virginiana ‘America’ American Persimmon
Diospyrus virginiana ‘Meader’ Meader American Peroimmon
Ficus carica ‘Arbequina’ Arbequina Fig
Ficus carica ‘Lattarula’ Lattarula Fig
Ficus carica ‘Petite Negra’ Petite Negra Fig
Fragaria x ‘Totem’ Totem Springcrop Strawberry
Fragaria x ananassa ‘Fort Laramie’ Fort Laramie Everbearing Strawberry
Fragaria x ananassa ‘Quinault’ Quinault Everbearing Strawberry
Fragaria x ananassa ‘Sequoia’ Sequoia Spring crop Strawberry
Fragraria x ananassa ‘Albion’ Albion Everbearing Strawberry
Hippophae rhamnoides ‘Male’ Male Seaberry
Juglans regia ‘Carpathian’ Carpathian English Walnut
Lonicera caerula v. kamtschatica ‘Blue Hokkaido’ Blue Hokkaido Haskap
Lonicera caerula var. edulis ‘Berry Blue’ Berry Blue Honeyberry
Lonicera caerula var. edulis ‘Smokey Blue’ Smokey Blue Honeyberry
Lonicera caeurula v. kamtschatica ‘Blue Moon’ Blue Moon Haskap
Lonicera edulis ‘Borealis’ Borealis Honeyberry
Lonicera edulis ‘Tundra’ Tundra Honeyberry
Malus ‘Honeycrisp’ Honeycrisp Apple on Antanovka
Malus domestica ‘Akane’ Akane Apple
Malus domestica ‘Ashmead Kernal’ Ashmead Kernal Apple
Malus domestica ‘Enterprise’ Enterprise Apple
Malus domestica ‘Northern Spy’ Northern Spy Apple
Malus domestica ‘Wynochee Early’ Wynochee Early Apple
Malus’Haralson’ Haralson Apple on Antanovka
Mespilus germanica ‘Breda Giant’ Breda Giant Medlar
Morus alba Russian Mulberry
Prunus armenica ‘Tilton’ Semi-dwarf Tilton Peach
Prunus avium ‘Bing’ Dwarf Bing Cherry on avium
Prunus avium ‘Sam’ Dwarf Sam Cherry on avium
Prunus besseyi x P. salicina ‘Nadia’ Semi dwarf50/50 Plum/Cherry hybrid Nadia
Prunus cerasus ‘Evans’ Evans Sour Cherry on own rootstock
Prunus domestica ‘Black Ice’ Black Ice Plum on Mustang
Prunus domestica ‘Brooks’ Brooks European Plum
Prunus domestica ‘Italian Prune’ Italian Plum
Prunus dulcis ‘Bounty’ Bounty Almond
Prunus dulcis ‘Nikita’s Pride’ Nikita’s Pride Almond
Prunus fruticosa x Prunus cerasus ‘Carmine Jewel’ Carmine Jewel Cherry on own rootstock
Prunus mandshurica “Scout’ Scout Apricot
Prunus persica ‘Frost’ Frost Peach
Prunus persica ‘Red Haven’ Semi-dwarf Red Haven Peach
Prunus persica ‘Reliance’ Semi-dwarf Reliance Peach
Prunus salcilina ‘Waneta’ Waneta Plum on Mustang
Prunus salicina ‘Satsuma’ Semi- dwarf Satsuma Plum
Prunus salicina “Shiro’ Semi-dwarf Shiro Plum
Pyrus ussuriensis ‘Chojuro’ Chojuro Oriental Pear
Pyrus ussuriensis ‘Hosui’ Hosui Oriental Pear
Pyrus ussuriensis ‘Summercrisp’ Summercrisp Pear on Ussuriensis
Rheum rhaponticum ‘Chipman’s Red’ Chipman’s Red Rhubarb
Rheum rhaponticum ‘Crimson Cherry’ Crimson Cherry Rhubarb
Rheum rhaponticum ‘Victoria’ Victoria Rhubarb
Ribes grossularia ‘Black Velvet’ Black Velvet Gooseberry
Ribes grossularia ‘Black Velvet’ Black Velvet Gooseberry
Ribes grossularia ‘Poorman’ Poorman Gooseberry
Ribes odoratum ‘Crandall’ Crandall Black Currant
Ribes rubrum ‘Primus White’ Primus White Currant
Ribes rubrum ‘Red Lake’ Red Lake Red Currant
Rubus fruticosas ‘Prime Ark Traveler’ Prime Ark Traveler Blackberry
Rubus fruticosus ‘Loch Ness’ Thornless Loch Ness Blackberry
Rubus idaeus ‘Amity’ Amity Everbearing Raspberry
Rubus idaeus ‘Boyne’ Boyne Springcrop Raspberry
Rubus idaeus ‘Canby Red’ Canby Springcrop Raspberry
Rubus idaeus ‘Heritage’ Heritage Everbearing Raspberry
Rubus idaeus ‘Royalty’ Royalty Purple Raspberry
Rubus loganobaccus Thornless Loganberry
Rubus spectabilis ‘Golden Ruby’ Golden Ruby Salmonberry
Rubus ursinus x ideaus ‘Thornless’ Thornless Boysenberry
Sambucus canadensis ‘Nova’ Nova Elderberry
Sambucus canadensis ‘York’ York Elderberry
Stachys affinis Crosnes
Vaccinium ‘Pink Lemonade’ Pink Lemonade Rabbiteye Blueberry
Vaccinium corymbosum ‘Blue Crop’ Blue Crop Highbush Blueberry Blueberry
Vaccinium corymbosum ‘Jersey’ Jersey Highbush Blueberry
Vaccinium corymbosum ‘Patriot’ Patriot Highbush Blueberry
Vaccinium corymbosum Duke Duke Highbush Blueberry
Vaccinium corymbosum x angustifolium ‘Chippewa’ Chippewa Halfhigh Blueberry
Vaccinium corymbosum x angustifolium ‘Polaris’ Polaris Blueberry
Vaccinium macrocarpon ‘Pilgrim’ Pilgrim Cranberry
Vaccinium v. corymbosum x v angustifolium ‘Northland’ Northland Halfhigh Blueberry
Vitis ‘Edelweiss’ Edelweiss Wine Grape
Vitis “White Reisling’ White Reisling Wine Grape
Vitis labrusca ‘Canadice’ Canadice Red Seedless Grape
Vitis labrusca ‘Concord’ Concord Grape
Vitis labrusca ‘Glenora’ Glenora Black Seedless Grape
Vitis vinifera ‘Lakemont’ Lakemont White Seedless Grape
Vitis vinifera “Gloden Muscat’ Golden Muscat Grape
Vitis vinifera’Steuben’ Steuben Grape
Ziziphus jujuba ‘Li’ Li Jujube


* Vegetables/Herbs: Sweet Basil – Chives – Cilantro – Dill – Chocolate Mint – Italian Oregano – Red skin Bell Pepper – Caifornia Wonder Bell Pepper – Golden Summer Pepper – Hot Jalapeno Pepper – Hot Poblano Pepper – Super Chile Pepper – Sweet Banana Pepper – Rosemary Arp Rosemary Goriza – Black Krim Tomato – Cherokee Purple Tomato – Early Girl Tomato – Lemon Boy Tomato – Sugary Tomato – Sweet Olive Tomato

*grown here. Many additional organic varieties will be shipped in over the course of the season.


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