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If you are going to eat it, why not grow it yourself! Nothing tastes better than home-grown food. We have a ton of edibles. Some, like olive and citrus that need to be moved in for winter but are great on the summer patio, and many others like quince and blackberry that you barely have to care for at all to get a crop.

Botanical name Common name
Actinida arguta ‘Meader’ Meader Hardy Kiwi
Actinida kolomikta ‘Artic Beauty’ Actic Beauty Hardy Kiwi
Actinidia arguta ‘Andrey’ Andrey Hardy Kiwi
Actinidia arguta ‘Natasha’ Natasha Hardy Kiwi
Asimina triloba ‘Mango’ Mango Paw Paw
Asimina triloba ‘Sunflower’ Sunflower Paw Paw
Chanomeles japonica ‘Victory’ Victory Flowering Quince
Cornus mas ‘Red Star’ Red Star Cornelian Cherry
Corylus avellana ‘Jefferson’ Jefferson Filbert
Corylus avellana ‘Yamhill’ Yamhill Filbert
Corylus avellana ‘York’ York Filbert
Crataegus azarolus Azarole
Crataegus pinnatifida Red Sun Chinese Haw
Crocus sativus Saffron Crocus
Cydonia oblonga ‘Van Deman’ Van Deman Quince
Diospyros virginiana American Persimmon
Elaeagnus umbellata ‘Amber’ Amber Autumn Olive
Elaeagnus umbellata ‘Garnet’ Garnet Autumn Olive
Elaeagnus umbellata ‘Ruby’ Ruby Autumn Olive
Ficus carica ‘Atreano’ Atreano Fig
Ficus carica ‘Negronne’ Negronne Fig
Fragraria x ananassa ‘Albion’ Albion Everbearing Strawberry
Fragraria x ananassa ‘Benton’ Benton Springbearing Strawberry
Fragraria x ananassa ‘Eversweet’ Eversweet Everbearing Strawberry
Fragraria x ananassa ‘Fort Laramie’ Fort Laramie Everbearing Strawberry
Fragraria x ananassa ‘Quinault’ Quinault Everbearing Strawberry
Fragraria x ananassa ‘Sweet Sunrise’ Sweet Sunrise Springbearing Strawberry
Hippophae rhamnoides Male Sea Berry
Hippophae rhamnoides ‘Askola’ Askola Sea Berry
Hippophae rhamnoides ‘Frugana’ Frugana Seaberry
Humulus lupulus spp Hops
Juglans regia ‘Carpathian’ Carpathian Walnut
Lonicera caerulea ‘Borealis’ Borealis Honeyberry
Lonicera caerulea ‘Tundra’ Tundra Honeyberry
Lycium barbarum Gojiberry
Malus ‘Honeycrisp’ Honeycrisp Apple-Antanovka
Malus ‘Liberty’ Semi-dwarf Liberty Apple
Malus ‘Maslin’ Semi-dwarf Early Pink Lady Apple
Malus ‘Zestar’ Semi-dwarf Zestar Apple
Mespilus germanica Breda Giant Medlar
Olea europaea ‘Arbequina’ Arbequina Olive
Olea europaea leccino Leccino Olive
Prunus ‘Montmorency’ on gisela Dwarf Montmorency Cherry
Prunus armeniaca ‘Harcot’ Semi dwarf Harcot Apricot
Prunus armeniaca ‘Wenatchee-Moorpark’ Semi-dwarf Wenatchee-Moorpark Apricot
Prunus domestica ‘Italian Prune’ Semi-dwarf Italian Plum/Prune
Prunus domestica ‘Yellow Egg’ Semi-dwarf Yello Egg Plum
Prunus dulcis Almond
Prunus persica ‘Frost’ Semi dwarf Frost Peach
Prunus persica ‘Reliance’ Semi dwarf Reliance Peach
Prunus persica var. nucipersicaFlavortop’ Flavortop Nectarine
Prunus salicina ‘Nadia’ Nadia Plum
Prunus salicina ‘Santa Rosa’ Santa Rosa Plum
Pyrus communis ‘Anjou’ Semi-dwarf Anjou Pear
Pyrus pyrifolia ‘Nijisseiki’ Nijisseiki Oriental Pear
Pyrus pyrifolia ‘Shinseiki’ Shinseiki Oriental Pear
Ribes hirtellum ‘Captivator’ Captivator Gooseberry
Ribes rubrum ‘Blanka’ Blanka White Currant
Ribes rubrum ‘Rubina’ Rubina Red Currant
Ribes uva-crispa ‘Hinnomaki Red’ Hinnomaki Red Gooseberry
Ribes uva-crispa ‘Hinnomaki Yellow’ Hinnomaki Yellow Gooseberry
Rubus fruticosas ‘Prime Ark Traveler’ Thornless Prime Ark Traveler Blackberry
Rubus fruticosus x R. idaeus Tayberry Blackberry
Rubus idaeus ‘Boyne’ Boyne Spring Raspberry
Rubus idaeus ‘Amity’ Amity Everbearing Raspberry
Rubus idaeus ‘Latham’ Latham Spring Raspberry
Rubus idaeus ‘Meeker’ Meeker Spring Raspberry
Rubus idaeus ‘Vintage’ Vintage Everbearing Raspberry
Rubus loganobaccus Thornless Logan
Rubus occidentalis ‘Munger’ Munger Black Raspberry
Rubus occidentalis var. ‘Jewel’ Jewel Black Raspberry
Rubus spectabilis ‘Golden Ruby’ Golden Ruby Salmonberry
Rubus subgenus Rubus Watson ‘Black Satin’ Thornless Black Satin Blackberry
Rubus ursinus x ideaus ‘Thornless’ Thornless Boysen Blackberry
Sambucus canadensis ‘Nova’ Nova Elderberry
Sambucus canadensis ‘York’ York Elderberry
Stacys affinus Crosnes
Vaccinium corymbosum ‘Darrow’ Darrow Blueberry
Vaccinium corymbosum ‘Duke’ Duke Blueberry
Vaccinium corymbosum ‘Blue Crop’ Blue Crop Blueberry
Vaccinium corymbosum ‘Blue Jay’ Blue Jay Blueberry
Vaccinium corymbosum ‘Jersey’ Jersey Blueberry
Vaccinium corymbosum x angustifolium ‘Chippewa’ Chippewa Blueberry
Vaccinium corymbosum x angustifolium ‘Polaris’ Polaris Blueberry
Vaccinium macrocarpon Cranberry
Vaccinium v. corymbosum x v angustifolium ‘Northland’ Northland Blueberry
Viburnum opulus ‘Kalinka’ Kalinka Highbush Cranberry
Vitis ‘White Reisling’ White Reisling Grape
Vitis labrusca ‘Canadice’ Canadice Grape
Zizyphus jujuba ‘Lang’ Lang Jujube
Zizyphus jujuba ‘Li’ Li Jujube

* Vegetables/Herbs: Sweet Basil – Chives – Cilantro – Dill – Chocolate Mint – Italian Oregano – Red skin Bell Pepper – Caifornia Wonder Bell Pepper – Golden Summer Pepper – Hot Jalapeno Pepper – Hot Poblano Pepper – Super Chile Pepper – Sweet Banana Pepper – Rosemary Arp Rosemary Goriza – Black Krim Tomato – Cherokee Purple Tomato – Early Girl Tomato – Lemon Boy Tomato – Sugary Tomato – Sweet Olive Tomato

*grown here. Many additional organic varieties will be shipped in over the course of the season.


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