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Our Plants

We select what we offer with the challenges of our Interior Northwest climate in mind. Let’s admit, this is not ideal rhododendron country (although, in the right place a carefully selected rhody can be happy and healthy).  Our winters are long and cold and our summers hot and dry.  That means our plants need to be adaptable to a wide range of weather conditions.  Many of us also face challenges with four-legged creatures like deer, moose, gophers and mice as well as climatic issues.  We keep these probabilities in mind when we decide what plants to offer.

We stock a good number of native plants, as well as what we call native ‘knock-offs’. Many of these plants retain the attributes of their native cousins (think drought tolerance, for example) yet have been cultivated to have more visual ‘pop’.  So you might get a ninebark with purple foliage or a mockorange that is more compact and florific than the species while maintaining the features that make it at ‘home’ here in the Inland Northwest.

The important thing to remember about what drives us at Blue Moon is that we want you to be successful! Beginning with hardy, healthy stock goes a long way toward that goal.

We’re happy to answer your questions, but if you like to do your own research you may find our suppliers’ websites useful. They have in-depth descriptions and photos of the plants we typically carry. A good number of our trees come from Brentano’s Tree Farm, Western Evergreen and Bailey Nurseries. Many of our perennials are from Walters Gardens, and you can really “dig in” to their Perennial Resource pages to find the right plant for the right place. Most of our roses are from Weeks Roses, and our annuals from Proven Winners. We’re also proud to be the retail outlet for Plants of the Wild natives.  And we carry a great selection of OMRI certified compost, potting soil, and other garden products from Kellogg Garden.

We offer basic design advice here at Blue Moon or we can come to your home for an on-site consultation. We also have experienced staff to provide design services.  If you are in need of full-scale design and installation services our friends at Pacific Garden Design are full-service landscape designers and contractors. If you have plant disease or pest questions, we highly recommend WSU Extension’s Master Gardeners.  


Plants we typically offer: