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Roses are some of the most reliable performers in the Spokane plant world.  Honestly, their reputation for being hard to grow is undeserved.  They love our low humidity and sunny days.  Of course some varieties do better in morning sun than late afternoon and some may be need more winter protection than others but all things considered, growing beautiful roses here is a snap!  We have dozens of varieties to choose from, ranging from ground cover roses to tall shrubs.

(See explanation of rose classes below table)

Blanc de CoubertClear Pure WhiteRugosa-own root3 gallon42
Chrysler ImperialVelvety Dark RedHybrid Tea3 gallon39.99
Cecile BrunnerPastel PinkClimbing Polyantha-own root3 gallon39.99
Coffee BeanRust & Smoke BicolorPatio- own root3 gallon35.99
Cutie PiePeach/Yellow BlendPatio- own-root3 gallon35.99
Don JuanDeep Velvety RedClimber3 gallon39.99
Double DelightCream Blushing RedHybrid Tea3 gallon39.99
Double Knock-OutDeep Pink/Light RedMedium Shrub- own root3 gallon35.99
Easy GoingGolden Peachy-YellowFloribunda3 gallon45
Forever AmberApricot-cream washed greenFloribunda3 gallon45
Frau Dagmar HartoppSilvery-PinkRugosa- own root3 gallon42
Golden OpportunityGolden Peachy-YellowClimber3 gallon42
Hot CocoaSmoky Chocolate-OrangeFloribunda3 gallon42
IcebergIce-WhiteClimber3 gallon35.99
John F KennedyGreenish WhiteHybrid Tea3 gallon42
Lasting LoveDusky RedHybrid Tea3 gallon42
Lemon DropLemonade YellowPatio- own root3 gallon35.99
Mellow YellowClear Pure YellowHybrid Tea3 gallon39.99
MoonstoneWhite finely edged w/PinkHybrid Tea3 gallon42
Outta the BlueMulti-toned Magenta to Lavender BlueMedium Shrub -own root3 gallon39.99
Over the MoonVoluptuous Warm ApricotHybrid Tea3 gallon42
Parade DayFuchsia Pink Striped w/ Bright WhiteHybrid Tea3 gallon42
PeaceLemony-Yellow edged Pure PinkHybrid Tea3 gallon39.99
Perfect MomentDeep Yellow w/ Broad Red EdgeHybrid Tea3 gallon39.99
Playful Happy TrailsMedium Red w/ Large Yellow WeyeGroundcover-ownroot3 gallon35.99
Pop ArtPink & Yellow StripedGrandiflora3 gallon42
Quest For ZestYellow w/ Lighter Outer PetalsGrandiflora3 gallon45
Radiant PerfumeDeep YellowGrandiflora3 gallon42
Ruby RubyCherry RedPatio- own root3 gallon35.99
Sugar MoonPure WhiteHybrid Tea3 gallon42
Sunset Happy TrailsSalmon fading to Light PinkGroundcover-own root3 gallon35.99
VavoomOrange-juice OrangeFloribunda3 gallon42
White DawnClean WhiteClimber3 gallon42
Easy Elegance Coral Cove CoralCompact Shrub- own-root2 gallon true35.99
Easy Elegance® Paint the Town RedMedium Shrub- own-root2 gallon true35.99
Easy Elegance® Sunrise Sunset Pink Medium Shrub- own-root2 gallon true35.99
First Ed® Love & Peace® Golden Yellow edged w/ PinkMedium Shrub- own-root2 gallon true39.99
First Editions® Patriot Dream Salmon OrangeMedium Shrub- own-root2 gallon true39.99
First Editions® The Finest™-white White edged w/PinkCompact Shrub- own-root2 gallon true39.99


Hybrid Tea: Large flowers generally borne one per stem, medium to tall in habit, long cutting stems.

Floribunda: Medium sized flowers often more compact in habit, medium length stems.

Grandiflora: Large flowers borne in clusters usually taller in habit, individual stems within each cluster are suitable or cutting.

Shrubs: Free blooming plants with differing flower sizes and forms, broadly varying in mature size but of full bushy attractive habit,usually good disease resistance and hardiness.

Shrublets™: Shrublets™ are roses of varying habits which are never too big to tuck into restricted garden spaces.

Polyanthas: Small flowers borne in very large clusters, usually compact in habit, medium-short stems.

Climbers: Roses whose long canes can be trained along fences or walls, variable in flower size, form and mature habit.

Rugosas & Foetidas: Species or near-species roses valued for their hardiness old fashioned flowers and fountainous habits. Many are available on their own roots.

Miniatures/Patios: Small flowered roses with proportionately smaller foliage,often very compact in habit, stems are also shorter but still suitable for cutting.

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